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At the end of every year, the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief publishes Prospects, our flagship guide to understanding critical challenges in the year ahead.

Our latest white paper summarises our Prospects publication and, as 2023 begins, we encourage thought leaders, senior executives, and principal policy makers to tweak their strategic plans with the insights from this paper. Be better prepared in 2023 by using Oxford Analytica.

2022: Let’s recap

2022 was meant to be the year when many countries put the pandemic behind them. That changed on February 24 when Russia invaded Ukraine, starting a war that shows little sign of ending. This is a regional conflict with global implications on a scale not seen in four decades or more.

In its wake, nearly every country has struggled with food and energy shocks, rising inflation and fears of economic slowdown or recession. Wherever the cost-of-living crisis manifests, it threatens social unrest, as poverty levels rise, and governments struggle to respond.

With the US Federal Reserve calling time on years of unconventional monetary policy, the years of unprecedently cheap and plentiful credit are now over. The unwinding of that experiment will dominate the economic environment for countries around the world.

In this white paper, we consider the global economic environment and then turn to prospects for every major region. We conclude with a focus on cybersecurity—a transnational issue of ever-growing importance. We don’t attempt to look at every country in the world. Still, we hope that this report gives you a sense of the breadth and depth of our team’s expertise, supplemented by an international expert contributor network that spans the globe.