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The Daily Brief

Forward-looking analysis of key events and trends delivered each working day


The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief® delivers each working day timely, impartial and actionable analysis of emerging trends and developments in the global political economy. The Daily Brief’s rigorous process and methodology to ensure that the analysis is independent and unbiased, using a unique combination of external experts and in-house analysts.


  • Access to full archive of 200,000+ articles
  • Semi-annual Prospects series, outlining key regional and country issues in the year ahead
  • Direct access to our analysts via one-to-one follow-up and monthly conference calls
  • Navigate analysis by sector, country, region and issue
  • Email alerting customised to your interests daily or weekly
  • Fully responsive website optimised for all devices
  • New feature! The option to listen to articles is now available


The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief® is available in global, regional, sectoral and entry-level (summary) editions and is priced according to the number of users with access and on the edition(s) selected.

  • Global Edition
  • Sectoral editions
    - Finance & Economics
    - Security & Defence
  • Regional editions 
    - Asia Pacific
    - Europe
    - Latin America
    - Middle East and Africa
    - North America
    - Russia/CIS

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Please note: enquiries from the academic sector should be directed to our academic partners, Emerald Publishing

How our clients use the Daily Brief 

Global travel company: monitoring security risk

The client’s security team needs early warning of emerging areas of potential tourism security risks to supplement existing known-threat assessment capability, around very specific sets of countries.

Intelligence agency: benchmarking house view

A national intelligence service uses the Security & Defence Edition of the Daily Brief in its open source team to benchmark its internal view of geopolitical developments in selected countries and regions.

For an asset manager: risk management

Risk managers, portfolio managers and investment analysts within the client use the Daily Brief to monitor changes to geopolitical risk element of their investments, helping guide quarterly allocation and divestment decisions, with customised email alerting for high-priority notifications. The client supplements the Daily Brief with direct phone access to our analysts.

For a European foreign ministry: getting staff up-to-speed fast

Both diplomats and analysts at the ministry use the Daily Brief to monitor multiple bilateral relationships, to prepare staff for new postings, and as a balance to internally produced analysis.

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