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We would like to make clear there is not now, and never has been, any relationship or affiliation whatsoever between Oxford Analytica and Cambridge Analytica.

In 2017, Oxford Analytica entered into a trademark dispute with Cambridge Analytica over the term "Analytica", for which Oxford Analytica has held a trademark since 1994. In 2020, the EU Intellectual Property Office declared the Cambridge Analytica trademark invalid, and cancelled its registration.

Oxford Analytica (now part of FiscalNote) is an independent, geostrategic consulting firm driven to empower our clients to succeed in complex global environments by providing expert insights and trusted judgements.

Founded in 1975, Oxford Analytica draws on a network of over 1,500 experts at leading centres of learning around the world to deliver actionable, authoritative and impartial insights into global events and trends. The firm’s reputation for delivering trusted analysis is based on our Founding Principles and our robust analytical methodologies that underpin all that we do.

Oxford Analytica’s Founding Principles include a strict editorial policy “that is non-prescriptive, non-partisan, non-ideological and with no political bias, agenda or issue advocacy.”


It has never been more important to have an objective and trusted partner dedicated to making tomorrow’s world clearer today. Oxford Analytica will continue to work on behalf of our clients and partners and do our utmost to enable organizations to successfully navigate complex global environments.

David K. Young
Global Managing Director

Cambridge Analytica trademark declared invalid by EU trademark authority

December 2020. Following a challenge by Oxford Analytica, the EU Intellectual Property Office has declared the Cambridge Analytica trademark invalid, and has cancelled its registration.

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