Founding principles

Our founding principles have brought us the reputation for objectivity and accuracy we hold today.

  1. That the tradition of scholarship is one of the relentless search for truth, and begins with an accurate assessment of human nature;
  2. That the tools of scholarship are enquiry, experience, reason and logical deduction and that the process is iterative;
  3. That a strict editorial policy be maintained that is non-prescriptive, non-partisan, non-ideological and with no political bias, agenda or issue advocacy;
  4. That, in practice, the highest priority must be given to collecting information, data and news from the widest possible array of the most reliable sources by the most advanced technology available, employing a professional staff and maintaining a global network of scholar experts of the highest quality and broadest experience;
  5. That scholarship is a quest for understanding; enterprise is a quest for progress; and that both of these endeavours should be seen as dynamically interdependent with the aim of providing clients with valuable analysis and assessment grounded on the cardinal principles of independence and objectivity;
  6. That the frontiers of enterprise and progress are only pushed further out by accepting the challenge of change, be it political, economic, social or technological and that this is best done by understanding change and harnessing it;
  7. That all of Oxford Analytica’s work be consistent with, or a development of, all previous analysis, with the aim of providing clients with a complete picture which is accurate, coherent, continuous and comprehensive;
  8. That the necessary understanding comes not from 'received wisdom' but from rigorous examination with no cause to promote other than truth.