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Read our new free quarterly report, containing country risk ratings and 2019 outlooks for over 160 countries, benchmarks for Developed Markets, Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets and an overview of global political risk for 2019. 

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Daily Brief 35th anniversary

The 35th anniversary of the publication of the first Oxford Analytica Daily Brief

Global South

On the Road to the Global South

Japan and Brexit

First published in HBR: how Japanese companies are navigating Brexit uncertainties

China's Social Credit

Business operating in China need to understand what China's social credit system is and is not

Business & Brexit

First published in HBR: business is preparing for Brexit - and bracing for the worst

Managing Political Risk

Political Risk Survey 2019

The growing frequency and size of political risk losses, and how leading companies are handling them

Political Risk Standards

Boards should prepare for political risk exposure transparency 

Political Risk Survey 2018

The growing frequency and size of political risk losses, and how leading companies are handling them

Client Thought Leadership

Positioning clients as industry leaders

Sensors as drivers of Industry 4.0

An EY report prepared in collaboration with Oxford Analytica to analyze the ways in which sensor technologies will drive forward Industry 4.0

US Politics Watch

In partnership with ING, analysing the upcoming US presidential election in 2020

Sustainable IT

For Dell Technologies - the sustainability challenge for public procurement of IT in the European Union

The Future of Work

EY in collaboration with us - the impact of digitalization on the labour force in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Digital health

In partnership with Accenture, exploring CIO opinion in seven countries on the future of digital health

Consumer sentiment

Exploring with Thomson Reuters IPSOS how consumer sentiment relates to key themes in major economies

Digital sustainability

The Korn Ferry Digital Sustainabilty Index measures how businesses will adapt to digital disruption

Global trends to 2035

For the European Parliament we explored the global trends most critical to Europe

Global Trade

The Castrol Global Trade Barometer is a composite measure of world trade, its growth and decline