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How we work

We understand that the world of business is saturated with unclear and uncertain information that can cloud our clients’ judgement.

We have made it our mission to turn complexity into clarity with rigorous analysis. Clients are able to gather the insight that they need and apply directly to their decision-making.

Avoiding bias

We have built Oxford Analytica to avoid bias, and prioritise objectivity. 

Avoiding bias is essential in providing the most accurate assessments of the global political economy. 

When analysts make incorrect pronouncements on the direction of the world, bias is almost always found at the beginning of their methodological process.

With over 40 years experience developing techniques to identify and mitigate bias, we have four main approaches to avoid bias:

We are independent

We are anonymous

We peer review

We are interdisciplinary

Our Founding Principles

  • The tradition of scholarship is a relentless search for truth, and begins with an accurate assessment of human nature.
  • The tools of scholarship are: enquiry, experience, reason and logical deduction.
  • A strict editorial policy that is: non-prescriptive, non-partisan, non-ideological environment and with no political bias, agenda or issue advocacy.
  • Prioritising collecting information, data and news from a wide array of the most reliable sources.
  • Employing a global network of the highest quality and broadest experience of experts.
  • Scholarship is a quest of understanding.
  • Enterprise is a quest for progress.
  • Giving clients valuable analysis that is grounded on independence and objectivity.
  • Accepting the challenge of change: be it political, economic, social or technological.
  • Analysis that is consistent, accurate, coherent, continuous and comprehensive.

Our people

We credit Oxford Analytica’s success to our people: our in-house specialists and our worldwide network of more than 1,500 experts who advise our clients on global intelligence and global analysis.

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