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After extended negotiations, Benjamin Netanyahu has reached an agreement with far-right and ultra Orthodox parties to form a government.  The November election was called to break a cycle of political paralysis in Israel; Netanyahu now has a narrow majority in parliament. On questions of public security, settlements, the Palestinian Authority and the role of religion within society, it promises to be the most right-wing government in decades.  Netanyahu’s partners also seek to change the Basic Law, so that parliament can override rulings of the Supreme Court.

If enacted, the proposed policies will weaken Israel’s democracy and pose challenges for the country’s long-standing allies and more recent partners, in particular the United States and the Arab states that have signed the Abraham Accords.

Oxford Analytica held a conference call on January 18, where our experts addressed several questions:

  • How cohesive is this coalition likely to be?
  • In what policy areas is change most likely to be seen in 2023?
  • How will governments abroad respond to the new administration? Will any take pre-emptive action?

A discussion between:

      • Sune Haugbolle, Professor in Global Studies, Rosklide University and Oxford Analytica Region Head
      • Dan Arbell, Scholar-in-residence at the Center for Israeli Studies, American University, and member of the Oxford Analytica expert contributor network
      • David Rosenberg, Economics Editor and columnist for the English edition of Haaretz and author of Isreal’s Technology Economy, and member of the Oxford Analytica expert contributor network

Chair: Nick Redman, Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica

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