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Every year at Oxford Analytica, we publish our Prospects series which assesses forecasts for core countries, regions, and topics in 2022. The series, published within the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief, provides an invaluable strategic guide to the risks and potential opportunities of the year ahead.

On Monday, December 5, our team of in-house analysts presented the highlights of our Prospects series and addressed the prospects around the world for the year ahead.

During this webinar, our expert panel will answer the following questions: 

  • What are the prospects for the global economy in 2023?
  • Can Ukraine and Russia hang on for another year of fighting?
  • What will Europe look like come the spring?
  • What does 2023 hold for China in light of current economic and political troubles?
  • What are the prospects for North America, Latin America, South-east Asia, Africa, and MENA in 2023?
  • What big trends to expect in the tech space?

About our in-house analysts
Our in-house analysts are regional and sectoral experts. They ensure that our analysis is timely and relevant to our client’s interests, of the highest analytical and editorial standards and presented in plain-spoken and precise English for busy clients who need to incorporate our work into their decision-making.