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Celebrating our female experts

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we have the honour of celebrating two extremely talented experts at Oxford Analytica: Isabella Bunn and Stina Warnstam Drolet. Isabella is an expert in ESG (environment, social and corporate governance), and is an international legal adviser and Professor of Ethics specialising in global justice and ethical aspects of international economic law. Stina heads up Oxford Analytica’s ESG projects by working with a range of leading ESG experts from Oxford Analytica’s global contributor network. Stina leads numerous sustainability and green economy projects and manages Oxford Analytica’s new ESG Monitor Service.

Isabella and Stina met last week for a candid, coffee-shop style chat, to discuss all things ESG. They discussed:

  • What is keeping our clients awake at night?
  • What trends are you watching closely?
  • How do you stay ahead of the ESG curve?

At a time when many global organisations are urgently reconsidering their terms of business with Russia in light of its invasion of Ukraine, ESG credentials will be tested on whether stated values, in areas like social equity/human rights, translate into action on the ground. We are proud that we have such highly informed women shaping the ESG debate into the future.

Watch the full recording