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Oct 18 2023


UK timezone
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Client Only

Europe’s green retreat

Cracks are emerging in Europe’s political consensus about decarbonising the economy. The process was always likely to be a contested one, but the cost-of-living crisis has reduced the tolerance of voters for steps that harm their lives and livelihoods and some course corrections are now underway. 

Europe has led the world in cutting emissions, but progress has been very uneven across the main sectors that produce the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, and between EU member states. Partly this is a function of differences in the technology available to achieve decarbonisation. 

Join us for a conference call on October 18, at which we will discuss:

  • Progress to date in cutting emissions in the leading economic sectors, and options to go further.
  • The political barriers to progress at the EU and country levels.
  • The likely impact of the combination of technological possibility and political reality on decarbonisation.

A discussion between:

  • Niall Walsh, Analyst, Europe
  • Dimitar Bechev, Analyst, Europe

Chair: Michael Taylor, Senior Analyst, Eastern Europe

Registering for this webinar

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Who should attend?

This deep dive is a closed webinar only for Oxford Analytica clients. It will benefit those who are in foreign and defence ministries, intelligence agencies, as well as senior executives and those involved in government affairs, legal services and finance, public policy. Not a client? Find out more about the service and how we can help you navigate complex markets.

Background briefings

Each session is supported by a background briefing curated by our team of expert analysts who produce our flagship publication, the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief. These in-depth briefings are circulated to attendees in advance of each call and are available as written articles published in the Daily Brief.