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The sustainability challenge for public procurement of IT in the European Union

An independent report produced for Dell Technologies examines the issue of sustainable public procurement in the EU for the IT sector, helping readers to understand:

  • how the European Commission’s Public Procurement Directives are being applied in the sector;
  • what has been accomplished so far, and what the challenges are for procurers in using sustainability criteria;
  • what is driving current behaviours;
  • and what can be done to encourage greater application and harmonisation of sustainability criteria in the public procurement of IT products within Europe.

The report makes recommendations for the European Commission, for national governments and for industry as to how to overcome barriers to increased sustainable IT procurement:

The report blends information provided by the Oxford Analytica Contributor Network, research by our in-house Advisory team, and results from in-depth interviews with stakeholders from NGOs, national and regional public procurement bodies, trade organisations and IT hardware producers.

Public procurement provides just one example of an important untapped opportunity to drive sustainability at scale, in alignment with international standards and industry best-practice.

Aongus Hegarty, President EMEA, Commercial Business Dell EMC

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At Dell Technologies, we believe that there is an opportunity within the European Union to further integrate social and environmental sustainability priorities in IT public procurement...

We have commissioned this report to better understand the barriers holding back a greater European focus on sustainability, where the opportunities for improvement lie, and what good practices already exist and can be further advanced and validated through strategic procurement and purchasing decisions.

Louise Koch, Corporate Sustainability Director, EMEA at Dell

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