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The sixth annual edition of the WTW-Oxford Analytica survey asked global companies how political risks are impacting their business. Recurring themes included the consequences of decoupling between the West and China, the political focus on inequality, and populist politics. Along with the new and substantial impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war, panelists cited Russia as an emerging strategic and operational threat/competitor in Africa.

Russia is playing an increasingly visible role in Africa, which it views as an arena for proxy conflict with its geopolitical rivals. Beyond security matters, its strategy exploits existing political and economic faultlines, with varying degrees of cooperation from national leaders. July’s Russia-Africa Summit offers an opportunity for Moscow to consolidate and expand its relationships and will shed light on its policy priorities in the region.

Download the recording for Oxford Analytica’s webinar, held on June 7, where our experts discuss key questions, including:

  • How are global businesses managing today’s political risks?
  • What operational, reputational and regulatory risks does Russia’s involvement in Africa pose for international actors?
  • To what extent could such risks increase in the months ahead?

A discussion between:

  • Paul Melly, journalist and researcher focused on Francophone West and Central Africa, and Consulting Fellow with the Chatham House Africa Programme
  • Olivia Hamill, Deputy Director of Advisory and Head of Oxford Analytica Europe, Oxford Analytica
  • Richard Robinson, Senior Associate, Oxford Analytica

Chair: Simon Coote, Head of Risk Analytics and Deputy Director of Advisory, Oxford Analytica


On-demand recording
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