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Top Ten Questions for 2022: Annual Prospects Call

December 6, 2021 | 4pm – 5pm UK (11am – 12pm EDT)

Every year at Oxford Analytica, we publish our Prospects series which assesses forecasts for core countries, regions, and topics in 2022. The series, published within the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief, provides an invaluable strategic guide to the risks and potential opportunities of the year ahead.

On Monday December 6, our team of in-house analysts is set to present the highlights of our Prospects series and address the top ten questions for the year ahead.

Our top ten questions for 2022:

  1. How will uneven vaccination against COVID-19 manifest globally and how long might restrictions persist in some regions?
  2. How will inflation and debt affect living standards and economies in the developed world — and might the cures be worse than the disease?
  3. Can China’s authorities prevent property sector troubles from derailing the economy, and what will be the effects of the ‘common prosperity’ agenda?
  4. What impact will the midterm elections have on US domestic and foreign policies?
  5. Will Europe continue to set the pace globally on energy transition, and will new governments and scheduled elections create the conditions to resolve internal disputes and divisions?
  6. How will the world’s largest oil and gas producers position themselves as their principal customers set course for a low-carbon future?
  7. Can Latin America bounce back from the damage done by COVID-19?
  8. How effectively can sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia balance managing COVID-19 and rebooting their economies?
  9. Will political pressure to make big tech more accountable for its political, social and fiscal impacts translate into effective regulation in developed and emerging markets?
  10. Will the global cooperation seen at COP26 have positive spillovers for global trade and international security in 2022?

Moderator: Nick Redman, Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica