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Israel’s continuing military operation in Gaza is deepening the humanitarian crisis there, putting a strain on the extensive support that many Western governments have extended to Israel since October 7. Israeli domestic politics are volatile, violence is rising in the West Bank and the risk remains of a marked escalation between Israel and Hezbollah.

Beyond the immediate political and military dilemmas facing Israel’s government, the conflict with Hamas has sent domestic politics and diplomatic relations across the Middle East into turmoil. Popular opinion is strongly on the side of the Palestinians; some governments are in sync with the street, but not all. Boycotts of Israeli goods and companies are gathering pace, and threats are being posed against shipping in the Red Sea and US military personnel across the region.

Access our recent webinar where we discuss:

  • The likely military and humanitarian developments in Gaza
  • The scope and global implications of regional countries’ reactions
  • The risk of wider escalation
  • Changing reactions to the conflict among Western governments and businesses
  • Domestic political and economic implications for Israel


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