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David K Young
David K. Young

Managing Director

David K. Young is the Managing Director of Oxford Analytica. Prior to joining Oxford Analytica in 2014, David worked across the sectors of international security, technology, and emerging market development as a management consultant, as the European Director for a US-based, Africa-focused not-for-profit and at Canopy, a joint venture of Atos, EMC2 and VMWare, where he advised senior executives across a variety of industries how best to leverage emerging technologies to achieve strategic objectives.

David is the co-founder of a cloud-based, mobile payment company and a boutique due diligence firm, a Trustee of The Committee for Economic Development of The Conference Board, an Advisory Board member of the FiscalNote Executive Institute, and continues to advise multiple early-stage and not-for-profit organisations.

David has a BA in Government from the College of William and Mary, a MA in Intelligence and International Security from King’s College, University of London, and a MBA from the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University.