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Oxford Analytica is a global analysis and advisory firm which draws on a macro expert network to advise its clients on strategy and performance in complex markets.

Global Macro Diligence

A new age of macro risk and opportunity is dawning where success or failure for investors, businesses and governments will be determined at the intersection of politics and economics by factors which are beyond their control.

With so many points of reference in global politics and the global economy in disarray as it absorbs so many shocks, the need to carry out research into the risks and opportunities presented by a complicated macro environment is paramount.

We call it Global Macro Diligence - the necessary amount of due diligence required to assess the impact of macro forces on your strategy or operations.

A trusted advisor

Our extensive global reach and independence make us a trusted and valuable resource for international companies, financial institutions and government agencies.
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Founding Principles

Founded in 1975, Oxford Analytica has consistently operated according to its vision and founding principles of objectivity and accuracy.
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Mastering the macro environment

We offer uniquely powerful support to help clients master the macro environment.

Analytical process

Ensuring timely delivery of high-quality geopolitical and macroeconomic analysis
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Expert network

Access to the best minds on any subject in the political economy
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In-house expertise

Our analysts all hold advanced degrees, and have a wide range of regional, sectoral and industry experience.
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Understanding our clients’ needs

Combining an understanding of our clients’ activities with our own expertise enables us to anticipate their needs.

Accurate forecasting record

We have an unsurpassed record of making accurate predictions and calls about the macro environment.

Working for us

If you want to interact with leading experts, and work with bright, committed people in a fast-paced, client-focused environment, we would like to hear from you.

Oxford Analytica in the media

We help the media engage with expert opinion, through interviews, quotation and syndication.
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Recent media examples

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    UK's EU renegotiation

    Dr. Michael Taylor, European Analyst discusses the UK's renegotiation of its EU membership on BBC's Good Evening Wales.

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Recent news

  • Daily Brief improvements

    New enhancements to the Daily Brief help clients get alerts tailored to their interests.

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