Trend Analysis

Our trend analysis services help you proactively identify, track and assess the actual and potential impact of trends shaping the global and sectoral landscape


Working in partnership with you and your teams, we:

  • Identify the macro trends that will most impact your strategies, operations, people and investments;
  • Provide current and forward-looking assessments of trend strength and impact; and
  • Monitor events and developments that affect trend strength or impact.

We tailor the trend analysis to your needs, at both geographic and thematic levels, and assess the implications specifically for your organisation.


We start with a baseline report, representing our analysis of the nature of the trends, their drivers and the long-term outlook.

Subsequently, regular monitoring of events and developments -- delivered via written reports and expert briefings -- helps you to anticipate and respond to shifts in the strength and intensity of the trends.

Case studies

For the European Parliament: Geopolitical and Security Trends to 2035

We drew on an expert panel to assess global trends in geopolitics and security, and analysed how these might impact Europe over the period to 2035. Topic areas covered included technology and social trends affecting geopolitics and security. The report concluded with a series of policy recommendations, and was published by the European Parliament.

For an EU Institution: Migration to Europe

We monitored the push, pull and enabling factors of asylum-related migration to Europe from or through 30+ countries. The engagement team examined the political, economic and social environments in each country to determine their impacts on migratory movements. We conducted extensive desk research to obtain the latest information and data on migration-related developments and interviews with in-country contacts were conducted to gain additional insights into the latest factors driving migration

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