Country and Thematic Analysis

Anticipate and understand key developments and emerging trends, globally and in over 160 countries, through our Daily Brief analysis and bespoke monitoring services.

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The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief®

Understand the global macro environment through forward-looking analysis of key events and trends.

The Daily Brief delivers timely, impartial and actionable analysis of emerging trends and developments in the global political economy, using a unique combination of external experts and in-house analysts.

Benefit from daily analysis of key events and developments, and direct access to our analysts and global expert network via one-to-one follow up and monthly conference calls.

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"The Daily Brief is my prime essential reading to keep on track with current developments" - Chief Political Analyst, energy major

Investor Brief

For more than 45 years the world’s most successful investment firms have trusted Oxford Analytica to provide insight into how global events can impact US investments.

Now you can get access to the same authoritative and independent insights.

Sign up now for the Oxford Analytica Investor Brief to get a daily look over the horizon at the risks and opportunities in an increasingly complex world before they become news headlines — and the investment opportunity is lost.

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Bespoke Monitoring

We work with you to understand your specific concerns in the countries and themes that matter to you, and establish a baseline shared understanding.

Then, on a regular basis, we monitor the relevant trends, events and developments and identify new ones. We explain when the outlook changes, and assess the impacts of those changes for your organisation.

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