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Nov 14 2022


Partner Event

Security 500 Conference

We are delighted to support this year’s Security 500 Conference, which will be held on November 14, 2022, in Washington, D.C.

The event is designed to provide security executives, government officials and leaders of industry with vital information on how to elevate their programmes, while allowing attendees to share their strategies and solutions with other security industry executives. Our Managing Director David K. Young will be speaking on ‘The Emerging Threat Landscape Facing the Evolving Role of the Chief Security Officer’. Discussion will cover the critical role of the Chief Security Officer in terms of the role’s central responsibility to ensure the safety and security of an organisation’s people and its assets.

What was once a role focused on ensuring day-to-day operational security is increasingly seen with an expanded mandate to contribute to strategic thinking and long-term business planning. In this context, David Young will speak to the emerging global threat landscape right now and share his perspective on the growing strategic importance of the enterprise security function.

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