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Mar 06 2024


3:00 pm


Public Access

AI policy, business and politics: Where are we heading?

Explore the dynamic landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our upcoming webinar as we delve into the opportunities and risks shaping businesses, governments, and societies globally. The rapid evolution of AI has outpaced policy and regulation, creating a varied landscape of frameworks worldwide, from the contrasting strategies of the United States and China to the nuanced positions of other countries.

In this webinar, we’ll analyse the potential for convergence or further divergence, exploring the implications for global businesses. Our discussion will highlight key use cases of AI’s impact on businesses, cybersecurity requirements, data privacy and intellectual property, all while offering valuable insights into the trajectory of policy and regulation in these areas.

We will also examine the broader influence of AI on politics and society, especially in the context of the numerous elections scheduled for 2024. Join us for this exclusive webinar surrounding AI’s impact on our professional and societal landscapes.