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Jill Hedges
Dr. Jill Hedges

Deputy Director & Senior Analyst, Latin America

Jill is Deputy Director of the Analysis team and Senior Analyst for Latin America, responsible for Daily Brief coverage of Southern Cone countries and Venezuela, among others.

Over the years she has done numerous Advisory projects for clients as well as many radio, television and print media interviews, and has contributed various articles to academic journals and online publications.

Her books Argentina: A Modern History, Evita: The Life of Eva Perón, and Juan Perón: The Life of the People’s Colonel were published by I B Tauris in July 2011, October 2016 and May 2021.

Before joining Oxford Analytica in 2001, Jill lived in Argentina for a number of years and previously worked as Editorial Manager of Esmerk Argentina, covering political, macroeconomic and business news from Latin America. Prior to that she was a member of Amnesty International’s Americas research department. She holds a PhD and an MA (Distinction) in Latin American Studies from RILAS at the University of Liverpool and is an Associate Fellow of Canning House.