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Joydeep Sen
Dr. Joydeep Sen

Deputy Director & Senior Analyst, Asia Pacific

Joydeep joined Oxford Analytica in July 2017. He covers South and South-east Asia for the Daily Brief, frequently provides assistance to the Advisory department and offers advice to clients from a range of sectors.

Joydeep completed undergraduate (Lincoln) and postgraduate (St Antony’s) studies in history at the University of Oxford, with a particular focus on colonial India. He subsequently developed his specialisation in historical and contemporary South Asia through doctoral research at the University of Warwick and postdoctoral work at the University of Kent and the University of Manchester. During this time, he also taught students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In parallel with his academic pursuits, Joydeep worked as a political risk analyst on a freelance basis, writing principally on India and Bangladesh, and was a researcher and consultant for several international relations and development studies projects relating to South Asia. He has travelled widely in the region and speaks Bengali and Hindi.