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Olivia Hamill

Deputy Director of Advisory and Head of Oxford Analytica Europe

Olivia joined Oxford Analytica in 2007. She supports our private and public sector clients in assessing political, economic and social dynamics that affect their interests.

Her work consists in tailoring methodologies to analyse developments, identify trends and anticipate shifts that shape the operational environment of our clients. She specialises in migration-related issues and has managed multiple engagements to track and assess the drivers and scale of migration globally. She has led engagements across topics, including education and corporate responsibility, and produced country risk assessments for companies active in complex markets, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. Recent projects include a study on energy needs in sub-Saharan Africa, a monitoring service on the drivers of asylum-related migration to Europe and a global study on the movement people.

Previous employment includes the Scowcroft Group and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, as well as projects for the United Nations and the World Bank. She holds a Masters in International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and a BA in Political and Moral Philosophy from Université La Sorbonne.