Our clients

Our extensive global reach, analytical integrity and independence make us a trusted and valuable advisor to governments, international organisations and major corporations across the world.

Our private sector clients include investment banks, insurers, asset managers, professional service firms and multinational corporations in sectors including energy, mining, technology and transportation. While many clients are among the largest in their sector, we also serve smaller firms with boutique needs.

We help private sector clients to:

  • identify new commercial opportunities
  • build their brand through profile-raising thought leadership content
  • anticipate the impact of political, economic, security and sustainability risks on their strategy, investments and business continuity, and develop risk management strategies to prepare for contingencies.


Our public sector clients include governments large and small, from offices of the head of state and prime minister down to individual ministries, central banks, and regulators. At the supranational level, some of the largest quasi-governmental agencies are our clients.

We help public sector clients to:

  • develop policy on issues ranging from long-term terrorism threats to job creation
  • benchmark their internal assumptions against our analysis
  • enhance decision-making ability through training and workshops.