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Global Horizons 2017

Global Horizons 2017

Analyse the global issues you face in real-time with our experts and your fellow CEOs and policymakers.

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Free analysis

Muslim Brotherhood will survive the Middle East crisis.

Graphic Analysis exploring Islamic State activity in Afghanistan

The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief

Islamic State unlikely to expand in Afghanistan.

Infographic exploring key considerations of South African foreign policy

Featured Graphic Analysis

Incoherent policy dents South Africa’s global reach.

CIO Perspectives on digital healthcare

Perspectives on digital healthcare

With Accenture, we produced a series of reports surveying CIOs on digital health transformation.

Northern Light 2017 Summit

Northern Light 2017 Summit

Oxford Analytica produced an in-depth report exploring the fundamentals and future trajectory of the relationship between Russia and Europe in 2017-18

The global economy: Mid-year update

The global economy

The lull before the squall? The findings of our July 11 conference call.

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