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The global economy: steady or sharper slowdown?

Global economy

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Infographic exploring internet shutdowns across Africa

Featured Graphic Analysis

Internet shutdowns in Africa may become entrenched.

US Politics Watch

US Politics Watch

The latest report in a series analysing the US presidential race with ING Group.

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Daily Brief: free analysis

Fears of Ebola spread in East Africa will grow.

Towards a new paradigm of company valuation

Towards a new paradigm of company valuation

A literature review on behalf of the Caux Round Table.

Infographic exploring the religious attitudes of Arab youths

Featured Graphic Analysis

Religious shifts may alter Arab politics and society.

China's Belt & Road Initiative

Syndicated research looking at the impact on tech, trade and manufacturing.

Our unique guide to the year ahead for strategists and senior executives.

Prospects mid-year update

Our mid-year update on political risk challenges across the globe.

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