Client Publications

Set new standards and define the path ahead with research-led, innovative content


We provide research-led, innovative content for companies, governments and international organisations that want to set new standards and define the path forward. Our reports are published under our clients’ brand or our own, or branded jointly. We:

  • Draw on our thought leadership and research experience to identify ideas with resonance for your stakeholders.
  • Interview the most distinguished academic, corporate, NGO and policy experts, worldwide.
  • Model the impacts of economic and business trends, and build fresh, new quantitative insights by combining publicly available data with the knowledge of our expert network.


Our published reports are usually 20-40 pages long, easy-to-read and written in a crisp business tone. Infographics provide an at-a-glance overview of the key findings, and quoted interviews with leading experts make the content come alive.

Case Studies

Our reports are published with our clients. Browse a selection below.

European Corporate Governance

An EY report prepared in collaboration with Oxford Analytica assesses European corporate governance and takes a view on the  future role of audit committees.

Sensors as drivers of Industry 4.0

An EY report prepared in collaboration with Oxford Analytica to analyze the ways in which sensor technologies will drive forward Industry 4.0

US Politics Watch

In partnership with ING, analysing the upcoming US presidential election in 2020

Sustainable IT

For Dell Technologies - the sustainability challenge for public procurement of IT in the European Union

The Future of Work

EY in collaboration with us - the impact of digitalization on the labour force in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Digital health

In partnership with Accenture, exploring CIO opinion in seven countries on the future of digital health

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