Enhancing your communications and your internal management concerning sustainability issues


Climate change and environmental concerns will exert an ever-greater pressure on governments and the private sector. Our objective, rigorous and multidisciplinary insights can provide a clear picture of the world today and sound forecasts for tomorrow. Among the analytical services we offer are

  • Scenario Planning that provides a structured framework to consider multiple different scenarios, allowing you to assess the impacts of a range of different developments in sustainability
  • Early Warning tools and Trend Analysis can spot emerging sustainability trends, enabling you to mitigate risks and take advantage of new opportunities
  • Thought leadership reports can position you as leaders in sustainability thinking, and help you and your stakeholders find common ground
  • Stakeholder Engagement can build credibility and strengthen external engagement


We engage with you on an ongoing basis to enhance both your external communication around sustainability, and improve how your organisation prepares for and manages sustainability issues.

Case studies

Sustainability case studies

With EY: ESG and Sustainability Reporting: How to Prepare Your Organisation for the Future

We recently partnered with EY to produce the future of sustainability reporting standards report and we came together in July 2021 to discuss the risks and opportunities associated with ESG disclosures and how organisations can prepare for the future.

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For Dell Technologies: Stakeholder Engagement on Sustainable Procurement of IT in the EU

We held a roundtable for Dell Technologies in Berlin, focused on how sustainable procurement of IT in the EU can be taken to the next level. The 20 participating stakeholders exchanged views about the conclusions of our thought leadership report on the topic, and agreed on priorities for working together in future

Trade case study

For Commerzbank: Scenarios for Sustainable Trade to 2030

We provided two thought leadership reports that highlighted and reinforced the long-term importance of sustainable trade, and the banking sector’s role therein. ‘Insights: Five drivers of sustainable trade’ analysed the five key drivers of sustainable trade in the next 10-15 years. The second report analysed the outlook for sustainable trade by examining distinct, high-level scenarios with different implications for sustainable trade over the next 10-15 years. The reports were published by Commerzbank.

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