Early Warning

Identify, evaluate, monitor and mitigate risks facing your organisation


We design tailored Early Warning and threat assessment services for corporate security, risk and strategy teams. For example, corporate security teams use our Early Warning services to guide their decisions on the safety of personnel and physical infrastructure, and around operational continuity.

Our Early Warning services provide a structured framework in which you receive proactively-delivered assessments when the outlook for a specific threat impacting your organisation changes, along with analysis responding to your concerns.


A one-year, bespoke service covering a set of countries typically includes a baseline report, followed by regular monitoring assessments coupled with ”flash reports” for high-impact developments.

  • Baseline Report
    We assess the nature of the threats that need monitoring and their outlook.
  • Monitoring
    You will receive a quick turnaround assessment when a development has changed the outlook for a specific threat.
  • Flash Reports
    Gain deeper insights as threats develop. We provide written briefings or connect you directly to our experts, who will offer impartial analysis in response to your questions.

Case Studies

Africa Early Warning for the Mining Sector

We provided Early Warning analysis and briefings to help a mining company assess how political and economic developments in selected African countries might affect operations.

Global Risk Early Warning for a European Ministry of Defence

We created a structure for the systematic monitoring of risks for a European Ministry of Defence through core Early Warning risk assessments, Bespoke Monitoring and access to the Daily Brief and Global Risk Monitor.

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