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Our team of expert analysts specialise in analysis of current geopolitical and macro-economic developments across the globe, and tailor what they say to any format and audience.

The team are seasoned presenters and moderators, and have spoken at major international conferences across the world, including Informa Excred, WEF, Horasis, Globsec, World 50, and at private government and corporate retreats and roundtables.

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David K. Young

Chief Executive Officer

David K. Young (Davy) is the Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Analytica and a member of the Board of Directors.

David K. Young's biography

Mark Elsner

Director of Advisory

Region speciality: International

Topic area: International investment trends and issues

Mark Elsner's biography

Nick Redman

Editor in Chief &
Director of Analysis

Nick Redman is Oxford Analytica's Director of Analysis and the Editor in Chief of the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief.

Nick Redman's biography

Simon Coote

Deputy Director of Advisory and Head of Risk Analytics

Topic area: Simon is an emerging markets specialist with an interest in business environments and investment.

Simon Coote's biography

Olivia Hamill

Deputy Director of Advisory and Head of Oxford Analytica Europe

Topic area: Migration to Europe; asylum-related migration; drivers of migration

Adjunct Professor on “forcible displacement and voluntary migration” at the IE School of Global and Public Affairs (Madrid)

Olivia Hamill's biography

Amalia Khachatryan

Deputy Director & Head of Scenarios and Policy Planning

Amalia has extensive experience in the provision of analysis and advisory services to corporate and government institutions on issues related to foreign policy, global economics and security.

Amalia Khachatryan's biography

Jill Hedges

Deputy Director of Analysis

Region speciality: Latin America, specifically Argentina

Topic area: Focus primarily on politics, political economy and social issues

Jill Hedges' biography

Megha Kumar

Deputy Director of Analysis

Region speciality: Top global political, economic and social risks, and India

Topic area: Geopolitics of technology, technological trends (such as AI, cloud computing and cybersecurity), the future of work, global sustainable development gaps, gender trends

Megha Kumar's biography

Dr William Arthur

Senior Associate

Region speciality: Asia-Pacific and North America. Specialisms include US-UK ties; US-Southeast Asia issues; US-Asia ties; Southeast Asia.

Topic speciality: Politics; political economy; international relations; regulation; elections.

William Arthur's biography

Benjamin Charlton

Senior Analyst, Asia Pacific

Region speciality: China, Japan, North Korea and Taiwan.

Topic speciality: Politics and international relations. Secondary specialism is the space sector both in East Asia, but also in the US.

Benjamin Charlton's biography

Sarah Fowler

Analyst, International Economy

Region speciality: Global, China, South-East Asia, United Kingdom, Euro-area.

Topic speciality: Global economy, emerging markets and developing economies, global trade, labour markets, productivity, fiscal, monetary and social policy.

Sarah Fowler's biography

Katerina Fytatzi

Senior Analyst, Political Risk/International Politics/North Africa

Region speciality: International issues, North Africa and the Sahel

Topic speciality: COVID, Libya civil war, Tech issues including AI and bias in technology, gender bias.

Katerina Fytatzi's biography

Dr Laura James

Senior Middle East Analyst

Region speciality: Middle East: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain).

Topic speciality: Security, politics, sectarianism, foreign policy, development, international economics, oil with the Middle East region.

Dr Laura James's biography

John Macleod

Senior Analyst, Russia/CIS

Region speciality: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, South Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan

Topic speciality: Politics, foreign policy, security and defence, macroeconomics.

John Macleod's biography

Philip Paterson

Analyst, Latin America

Region speciality: Mexico, Central America, Colombia and parts of the Caribbean.

Topic speciality: Organised crime and guerrilla organisations. Colombia, and the peace process of the April 19th Movement.

Philip Paterson's biography

Matt Ward
Dr Matt Ward

Senior Analyst, Africa

Region speciality: East Africa, the Great Lakes and the Sahel, with particular expertise on South Sudan, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Topic speciality: Peace and security issues in Africa, including civil wars and non-state armed groups, terrorism and counter-terrorism, and external intervention in African security affairs, including peacekeeping, conflict resolution and peacebuilding issues.

Matt Ward's biography

Richard Robinson

Senior Associate

Region speciality: Middle East and North Africa (in particular Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen)

Topic speciality: Government and politics, migration, media, conflict and security, US-Middle East relations.

Richard Robinson's biography

Dr Joydeep Sen

Senior Analyst, Asia Pacific

Region speciality: South and South-east Asia.

Topic speciality: Governments and politics of South and South-east Asia.

Dr Joydeep Sen's biography

Dr Michael Taylor

Senior Analyst, Eastern Europe

Region speciality: Central-Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean (Turkey, Greece, Cyprus).

Topic speciality: NATO, European enlargement, the shipping industry.

Dr Michael Taylor's biography

Niall Walsh

Analyst, Western Europe

Region speciality: Western Europe

Topic speciality: Brexit and populism, as well as contemporary affairs in the United Kingdom and Southern Europe.

Niall Walsh's biography

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