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The Daily Brief delivers timely, impartial and actionable analysis of emerging trends and developments in the global political economy, using a unique combination of external experts and in-house analysts.

  • Daily analysis of key events and issues
  • Unique and rigorous process and methodology
  • Direct access to our analysts and contributors via one-to-one follow-up and monthly conference calls
  • Access to full archive of 200,000+ articles
  • Annual Prospects series
  • Customisable analysis by sector, country, region and theme
  • Personalised email alerting daily or weekly
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The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief® is available in global, regional, sectoral and entry-level (summary) editions, as well as an academic edition.

The Daily Brief is premium subscription analysis with some professional services components. Price depends on the number of users with access and on the edition(s) selected.

To obtain an illustrative quotation for the service, please contact us.

Regional editions 

  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa
  • North America
  • Russia/CIS

Sectoral editions

  • Finance & Economics
  • Security & Defence

Academic edition

The academic edition consists of the global edition but without the professional services elements such as access to analysts

Daily monitoring for diplomatic service

Client team: Country desks, research and library services

Issue: A foreign ministry had recurring objectives of monitoring multiple bilateral relationships, preparing staff for new postings to those countries and benchmarking internally produced analysis.

Engagement: Daily Brief client for 10+ years: tailored content collections from analysis archive both to create background briefings ahead of new postings and to compare to in-house analysis; additional use of customised email alerting for high-priority notification of relevant critical events.

Result: Our client fulfills its external geopolitical monitoring needs without disproportionate cost in staff time.

Regional free-trade agreements

Client team: Strategy, Risk, Business development

Issue: Among the 200+ regional free-trade agreements under negotiation, a handful are critical to future world trade. Monitoring their progress is crucial to the future business plans of companies that manage and haul freight.

Engagement: Subscription to the The Daily Brief, with customised email to provide high-priority notification of critical events and curated content to drill down into individual regional trade agreements.

Result: The client is assured of continuous tracking of business-critical developments concerning regional free-trade deals with expert analysis of political and economic factors likely to change implementation prospects.

Investment environment

Client team: Risk managers, investment analysts, portfolio managers

Issue: An asset manager needed to understand and monitor geopolitical developments that could affect the regulatory and investment environment for extractive and energy industries in selected regions.

Engagement: Subscription to regional editions of The Daily Brief, with follow-up calls with regional specialists and customised e-mail alerting for high-priority notification of critical events.

Result: The client is assured of continuous tracking of geopolitical developments with impact on investment decisions that can be incorporated into portfolio reviews, and access to relevant expert analysis.

Agriculture: Policy analysis

Client team: Political risk, Strategy

Issue: An agri-multinational wanted to prepare for possible changes in senior government personnel following an election, and the probable consequences for policy trajectory.

Engagement: Subscription to The Daily Brief, with additional bespoke analysis and one-to-one follow-up.

Result: Client was forewarned of personnel and policy changes and could deploy business risk mitigation and operational strategies as a result.

Tourism terrorism risk

Client team: Security, Risk

Issue: Global travel company needed early warning of emerging areas of potential tourism security risks to supplement existing known-threat assessment capability.

Engagement: Subscription to The Daily Brief augmented by one-to-one conversations with specialist analysts.

Result: The client enhanced its internal capacity with continuous monitoring across multiple geographies of nascent political and economic developments likely to elevate or lower threat levels to tourism both in areas of existing operations and in potential new ones.

Intelligence agency: benchmarking house view

Client team: Country desks, research and library services

Issue: A national intelligence service wanted to benchmark its internal view of geopolitical developments in selected countries and regions.

Engagement: Subscription to the Security & Defence edition of The Daily Brief, with additional use of customised email alerting for high-priority notification of critical events, tailored content collections from the archive to drill into deeper background and analysis, and one-to-one follow-up conversations with our specialists.

Result: The client benchmarks its internal analysis dynamically through The Daily Brief's continuous monitoring of critical geopolitical developments, and uses it to get early warning of emerging hotspots.

COP21 implementation monitoring

Client team: Policymakers and those working in strategy, sustainability, business development or government affairs 

Issue: The comprehensive climate agreement at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) has enormous potential to diminish man-made climate change - but also to disrupt existing policy and business models. With no stringent enforcement processes and no binding emission reduction targets, international peer pressure on significant emitters will be an important factor in realising that potential. Decisionmakers across business and the public sector need to monitor COP21's progress and the international climate of opinion.

Engagement: Subscription to the The Daily Brief, with customised email to provide high-priority notification of critical events and curated content to drill down into deeper background and analysis

Result: Clients receive continuous tracking and expert analysis of progress towards COP21 targets, for example in the implementation of national-level carbon-reduction pledges and gaining the 55 signatures needed for the agreement to come into effect.

Monitoring country risk

Client team: Political Risk, International Government Affairs, Corporate Security

Issue: A mining company needed a daily assessment of the significance and impact of critical events and trends in their key countries of operation.

Engagement: Subscription to The Daily Brief, with customised email to provide high-priority notification of critical events and curated content to drill down into deeper background and analysis.

Result: Analysis from The Daily Brief is integrated into the client's decision-making process.