Northern Light 2017 Summit

Founded in 2002, the European Business Leaders’ Convention provides a forum for top business leaders, experts and politicians to exchange views on European politics and economics in an informal setting.

 Since 2003, biennial summits have been held in Helsinki and elsewhere in Europe, aimed at deepening decision makers’ understanding of the most crucial issues affecting European companies and the future of Europe as a whole.

Our value

For the 2017 summit ‘The New World Disorder’, Oxford Analytica produced an in-depth report exploring the fundamentals and future trajectory of the relationship between Russia and Europe in 2017-18.

The report titled ‘Prospects for Russia-Europe relations’ brings together Oxford Analytica’s in-house expertise and the insight of leading Russian and European experts. As part of the process, a select group of subject-matter specialists discussed a series of questions carefully crafted to elicit deep insights and expert judgement. Their responses informed the ‘barometer’ of expert sentiment on the trajectory of developments and the potential for change in six areas of strategic importance to Russia-Europe ties.

We are also pleased to provide delegates of the Northern Light 2017 Summit two weeks' complimentary access to the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief before and after the event. To take advantage of this opportunity, please register your details.

Paul Maidment, Oxford Analytica's Managing Editor, will be attending the event.