Global Disinformation Summit

The Global Disinformation Summit, held on 18-19 August is bringing together leading academic scientists, defense, law and order, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences, research results, and counter measures to combat all aspects of Fake News, Social Media Manipulation and Misinformation. The event will focus on ways AI and other technologies can counter disinformation while showcasing various methods and techniques to manage this menace.

Our Deputy Director of Analysis, Dr Megha Kumar is presenting a keynote at the Global Disinformation Summit. Dr Kumar's keynote entitled Setting up a counter strategy to manage and minimize impact of misinformation campaigns will discuss:

  • The varying effectiveness of different national and regional approaches to tackling mis/disinformation on social media
  • The challenge of curbing “lawful but awful” content while preserving freedom of speech
  • Whether China’s strict censorship-oriented approach to online content has any useful lessons for democratic countries


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