America in Perspective

The Global Impact of Trump's First 100 Days

During an exclusive half-day programme, private and public sector leaders gained an unrivalled understanding of how the Trump presidency is viewed by the wider world, and how to calibrate their strategies accordingly.

The world has never waited for a new US president to take office with such apprehension and uncertainty as it did with Donald J Trump. This was partly due to lack of preparation: outside of the United States as within it was widely believed that he would not win the White House. It was also due to Mr Trump’s personality and modus operandi: much of the world was troubled by the signals the president-elect sent out that radical changes in US foreign policy were in store, as they were by the method he did so: seemingly endless, unpredictable ‘tweets’.

A unique agenda

100 days into the Trump presidency, it was time for an expert assessment of the new administration from the standpoint of the key regions of the world for whom the US is a key partner or rival — Europe, Russia, the Middle East and China;

  • Have the fears and/or hopes of leaders in these regions been justified?
  • Has the performance of the Trump presidency to date paved the way for change that requires foreign governments and businesses to recalibrate their attitude towards the United States?
  • Or is the status quo proving much harder to shift than Mr Trump hoped and much of the world feared
  • Where, and to what extent, is President Trump likely to get his way in re-shaping ties, commercial and otherwise, with the world to the advantage of the United States

The afternoon featured four lively interactive panel discussions on each region, led by a moderator and calling on two experts from the firm's global network.