What has happened to the United States:

Does the reality match the myth anymore?

Tuesday, September 12 15:00 UK / 10:00 EDT

The world has never seen a US presidency the like of Donald Trump’s.

The insurgent candidate has become the anti-system president. Only eight months into office, he still confounds and concerns allies and adversaries alike.

But is Trump an aberration or the harbinger of presidencies to come – an outlier or a turning point, and not just in US politics but the very notion of America.

The United States is not bound like other nations by blood, culture or language, but a construct built on notions of the rule of law, individual equality and liberty, and the belief that, with enterprise and hard work, any citizen can make their tomorrow better than today.

All those tenets are being challenged.

The political and financial systems seem broken, trust in civil society’s institutions from elected political office to the fourth estate is at a low ebb, and the once unthinkable proposition that democracy is at risk in the United States is now a subject of discussion.

Join us on our next conference call on Tuesday, September 12 at 3pm Oxford time/10 am EDT, as we take a broad and ambitious sweep of the US economy, politics and Washington's international role to take the measure of what America stands for today.

Does the reality match the myth anymore? And if not, why not.

But we shall also look forward.

If America is all about second acts, what do the new United States and American exceptionalism v2.0 look like in an age of rapid and disruptive technological, economic and demographic change, identity and celebrity politics; and institutional fragmentation and distrust; when social media is pervasive, economic nationalism on the march with populism in the vanguard, and the international challenge from China, Russia and a host of regional powers is rising.

Share your thoughts and put your questions on all of this to three of Oxford Analytica's expert senior advisors.