Risks and Opportunities 2020

What will the New Year bring? ​

Tuesday, December 10, 15:00 UK time

Register to hear our analysts’ annual forecasts of what may be coming next year across a wide range of geographies, sectors and issues, and also to share with us what is on your risk radar for 2020.  ​

In our popular final conference call of the year, the analysts who have brought you the Daily Brief throughout 2019 take their annual look-ahead to what the coming twelve months may have in store.  ​

Potential political and policy risks include: the US elections, US-Chinese relations, China flexing its muscles in Hong Kong and further afield, a new European Commission, French President Macron seeking to re-energise Europe internally and abroad, and how Brexit may play out after the UK elections on December 12.  Meanwhile, world economic growth looks to be anaemic, with the pace not likely to accelerate much if at all in the major economies, and much depending therefore on emerging markets, although they are more vulnerable to geopolitical tensions. However, the transition to green technology and the spread of AI may be among the opportunities that also lie ahead.   ​

How to manage these and other changes will require choices from those steering governments, investment portfolios and corporations.   ​

During the call, OA analysts will take the measure of the risks ahead but also seek to identify where opportunity may lie.   ​

But we also want to know what risks and opportunities you are looking for in the coming year. ​

Chair: Dr Nicholas Redman, Director of Analysis