Political Risk: Best practice for companies


Key takeaways for our latest survey on how multinational companies are managing its impact: an Oxford Analytica Conference Call 

Tuesday, October 16, 15:00 UK / 10:00 EDT

In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, Oxford Analytica recently found that exposure to political risk has become a reoccurring and material cost of doing business, and more than half of large companies we spoke to had experienced recent losses of more than 100 million dollars because of political risk. 

Extractive and utility companies have grown up with geopolitical risk, but our survey revealed an unconventional and surprising list of companies across industries that have experienced recent risk-related losses throughout the world. 

Exposure to geopolitical risk directly impacts revenues and profits. And in a period of shifting international allegiances and trade agreements, the dangers of protectionism, unfavourable regulatory changes and other political risks from asset confiscation to security concerns are increasing. 

  • What and where are the leading geopolitical risks for multinational corporations?
  • How are these risks being mitigated and managed?
  • How is the current risk environment changing the way companies operate and invest?
  • To what extent do investors care about a company's geopolitical exposure? 

Join Oxford Analytica’s experts to learn our other findings, and to share your thoughts about geopolitical risk in our client conference call on Tuesday, October 16, 15:00 UK, 10.00 EDT.