Pandemic: What now for COVID-19?

Thursday, March 19, 2020, 15:00 UK /11:00 EDT

The WHO declared the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) disease outbreak that began in China in December a pandemic on March 11. The disease has now spread throughout the world in varying degrees. China appears to have brought the outbreak under control, with new cases outside the epicentre of Hubei province in single digits. Yet they are not out of the woods yet and travel and other restrictions remain in place.

As the outbreak has taken hold in Italy, other countries, in the West and elsewhere, are starting to implement measures to contain the spread of the disease. However, the novelty of the virus means there are many unknowns, which has prompted widespread misinformation and has diverted national resources to battling false cures and rumours.

Even with scientists working around the clock in unprecedented collaborative efforts, and the speed with which the outbreak is being mapped, the virus’s genome sequenced and tests built, COVID-19 has still stymied efforts to stop it. Meanwhile, information about the disease, who is vulnerable, and what are the best ways to avoid transmitting it does not reach everyone.

Oxford Analytica’s client conference call on March 19 will feature a panel of experts to answer your questions about COVID-19, including

  • How long will the outbreak last?
  • How far will it spread?
  • Which countries may be better prepared to deal with outbreaks?
  • How will healthcare systems cope?
  • What are the best responses?
  • What signs should we look out for that normality is returning?


  • Dr Shirin Ashraf -- Scientist, Infectious Diseases, MRC University of Glasgow, Centre for Virus Research 
  • Dr Joe Larvin -- Academic Clinician, National Institute for Health Research 
  • Jens Tholstrup -- Visiting Business Fellow of the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment at Oxford University and Oxford Analytica Region Head

Join us on Thursday, March 19, to put your questions to our experts.

Chair: Dr Nicholas Redman, Director of Analysis