Deep Dive Webinar - January 2022

'Common Prosperity' and Xi Jinping's third term

January 19, 2022 | 3pm - 4pm UK (10am - 11am EDT)

President Xi Jinping has revived the Mao-era slogan 'Common Prosperity' to denote a set of policies that aim to reduce the gaping inequality that has emerged as China's market economy has grown. The slogan has been adopted as a shorthand for a swathe of dramatic policy actions over recent months. These span across a wide range of business sectors and social activities, from crackdowns on celebrity fan clubs, after-school tuition and online video games, to heavy-handed intervention in the business activities of the country's internet giants, to demands for better working conditions for in the technology sector and the gig economy.

When Xi called for the regulation of "unreasonably" high incomes and for the rich to "give back more", large private firms spent billions of dollars on corporate philanthropy. Could this be a taste of things to come when Xi begins a historic third five-year term as Communist Party leader at a Party Congress later this year?

By attending this webinar, you will be able to answer these questions:

  • Is Xi ready to make redistribution a priority at the expense of economic growth, or is 'Common Prosperity' more slogan than substance?
  • What policies does Xi propose for tackling inequality in China -- and what are their prospects?
  • 'Common Prosperity' has been characterised as hostile to the private sector, but does it really pose a threat to businesses?

A discussion between:

  • Minxin Pei, Professor of Government, Claremont McKenna College; Editor-in-Chief, China Leadership Monitor; Member of the Oxford Analytica Expert Network
  • James Keeley, Associate with The Policy Practice and former Senior Researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development; Member of the Oxford Analytica Expert Network
  • Ewan Smith, Christ Church, Oxford University; Member of the Oxford Analytica Expert Network

Chair: Nick Redman, Editor in Chief and Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica

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