One crisis too many?

Can the EU survive Greece, Ukraine and defeat deflation?

After nearly five years of scrambling to solve the euro crisis, Europe is no better off – in fact, in some ways it is worse than ever. Greece’s Syriza is taking debt negotiations down to the wire, making the risk of default and ‘Grexit’ higher now than ever. Europe’s traditional crisis approach of muddling through may not work anymore: the longest Greece can probably hold out is May. Also that month, the United Kingdom will hold election that could return to government the Conservatives, who have vowed to hold an ‘in/out’ referendum on EU membership by 2017 -- the same year the country holds the presidency of the EU and France and Germany go to the polls. Yet these political risks, grave though they are, seem almost tame when compared to what is at stake if EU and US efforts to find a solution to the conflict in Ukraine fail – leaving Russia emboldened.

Join our Client Conference Call to explore the outlook for Europe as we address key questions including:

  • Can Europe cope with a Greek default, or even continued Greek political volatility?
  • What can EU leaders do to improve growth and job creation?
  • What options, if any, remain open to the ECB, especially if sovereign quantitative easing (QE) does not work?
  • What is the most likely path for the UK-EU relationship, regardless of what government is elected in May?