Britain decides

Implications for the UK, EU and beyond

After four months of intense public debate, the United Kingdom is – at last -- about to vote on whether to stay in the EU or go.

It is arguably both the most important and least well-informed vote most of the UK electorate is likely to cast in their lifetimes.

Yet, regardless of the outcome, the vote on June 23rd is unlikely immediately to resolve much.

If the vote is for ‘Brexit’, then we are in the uncharted waters of the world’s fifth largest economy unravelling itself legally, socially and economically from the EU.

If the vote is to remain by anything but an overwhelming margin, then neither the debates on migration, sovereignty, national security and the impact on the UK economy and financial sector nor the parallel struggle for the leadership of the governing Conservative party will be conclusively resolved.

Join three of Oxford Analytica’s expert advisors on UK and European affairs to discuss the prospects and challenges facing the UK once we know the result on June 24th, including:

  • In the event of Brexit, what would be involved in the UK unravelling itself from the EU, how long would that take and what would be the key points of negotiation?
  • If the UK votes to remain, how could its future relationships within the EU change?
  • How will the referendum influence the future of ‘the European project’ and its pillars such as the euro and Schengen?
  • What are the likely short and long term reactions of the financial markets?
  • Will there be similar referendum and opt-out demands in other EU states?
  • What might be the impact on Spain, France and Germany’s forthcoming elections?
  • Does the EU have the institutional capacity and political will to reform itself?
  • How divisive for the UK’s governing Conservatives will the referendum prove, and who stands to benefit?
  • What is the breakdown of the vote likely to be regionally and what impact will that have on the possible break-up of the United Kingdom?

Please join us on Tuesday, 21st June 2016 at 15:00 UK time to discuss these issues among others with a panel of Oxford Analytica’s expert advisors.