Brexit: What now?

With the clock fast ticking down to 'Brexit Day' -- March 29 -- the UK's future relationship with the EU looks as uncertain as ever.

Tuesday, January 22, 15:00 UK / 10:00 EDT

However March 29 passes, the United Kingdom will remain deeply divided over Brexit, and the political and economic scars on the body politic will be long-lasting. 

Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected the original withdrawal agreement that UK Prime Minister Theresa May struck with the EU, and the process of divining a form of Brexit that parliament can form a majority around is now underway. 

However, there is so much that remains unsettled about the UK's future relationship with Europe, particularly its trading relationship, that many of the battles fought since the referendum in June 2016 will have to be refought even if and when the exit terms are settled.

 That will reopen old wounds and create new ones. The future political landscape of Westminster politics -- and indeed, the United Kingdom -- may never look the same again. 

What is next for both the short and long term amid the political turmoil that has brought about the most significant change in the United Kingdom's political arrangements in four decades? No deal? No Brexit? Delay? Norway-plus? Second referendum? Something else altogether? 

With May due to return to parliament with her Plan B' next Monday, join our conference call the next day to mark your Brexit scorecard and to put your questions to Oxford Analytica’s experts.