Brexit: Triggering Article 50

The EU without the UK and the UK without the EU 

Tuesday, March 14 15:00 UK / 11:00 DST

March should have been a glorious month for the EU — a joyous celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome which created its forebear, the European Economic Community, and inexorable progress toward ever closer union.

But the United Kingdom has pooped on the party.

Its prime minister, Theresa May, has chosen this month to trigger Article 50, formally starting the 2-year countdown to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal following last June’s historic ‘Brexit’ vote.

For the first time, the EU is facing contraction, not expansion -- and thinking what had previously seemed unthinkable: that the cure for what ails Europe could be less EU not more.

What will the United Kingdom look like without Europe -- and Europe without the United Kingdom?

Are Britons stealing a march on a fragmenting world, or just marginalising themselves and yet to wake up to a diminished economy and buyers' remorse?

Is more Europe for some, and less for others — a two-speed EU — the future for the 27?

Will the 27 even remain 27 in the face of the centrifugal forces of nationalism, populism that will test Europe’s political elites in a year of critical elections?

How will it all work? Who will be the winners and losers? Where are the fracture lines and the opportunities?

And what can go wrong over the next two years?

Join us on Tuesday, March 14 for answers to these questions and to put your own to three of Oxford Analytica’s expert advisors.