A cyber insecure world?

Rising threats to data and reputation

The cost of poor cybersecurity has been splashed across newspapers in recent weeks; Sony Corporation was forced to endure embarrassing email leaks from its US film division and millions of dollars in lost revenue when a movie’s release was threatened, for which the United States government launched retaliatory sanctions on North Korea.

The amount of data companies hold is growing exponentially -- both their own information and those of clients. These represent high-value targets for hackers. Risks for corporate entities are quietly gaining on the rewards of a networked world.

Yet cybersecurity suffers analytically from its novelty and must rest between traditional intellectual frameworks. Was the Sony hack a form of theft, blackmail or terrorism? Should Russian-connected attacks against Georgia and Estonia be considered acts of war, or exist in a ‘grey zone’ in which stark terminology does not suit uncertain actions?

Join our Client Conference Call on January 29 to assess how cybersecurity takes its place among the risks facing the global political economy, and the key questions companies need to ask when seeking to protect themselves, including:

  • What are the precedents of liability of which companies ought to be aware?
  • Will governments move to secure data in their own countries?
  • Does protecting from cyber attack necessitate a 'silo-ing' of information?
  • Will cyber attacks trend towards commercial or ideological purposes?
  • Are there mis-investments in current trends of cyber defence?
  • Will cyberattacks chip away at traditional guarantees of international security, such as NATO's Article V?