Resources: Russia's war on Ukraine

Russia's war on Ukraine will have dramatic impacts on organisations worldwide, but the precise nature and scale are difficult to predict. The situation is fast-changing and the long-term economic, social, political and security ramifications are not yet fully understood.

We leverage the multidisciplinary insights of our network of experts, which includes leading experts specific countries or regions, as well as sectors including energy and cybersecurity.

Our scenario analysis can help you evaluate the possible financial, operational and strategic impacts on your organisation, and in turn to plan accordingly.

The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief® delivers each working day timely, impartial and actionable analysis of emerging trends and developments in the global political economy. The Daily Brief’s rigorous process and methodology to ensure that the analysis is independent and unbiased. For example, our Daily Brief analysis was tracking Volodymyr Zelensky's presidency in 2019, when his election was hailed as a new era in Ukrainian-Russia relations.

Daily Brief clients receive

  • Access to full archive of 200,000+ articles
  • Semi-annual Prospects series, outlining key regional and country issues in the year ahead
  • Direct access to our analysts via one-to-one follow-up and monthly conference calls
  • Navigate analysis by sector, country, region and issue
  • Fully responsive website optimised for all devices - you can even listen to articles
  • Emergency webinars held to clients only, giving open Q and A to our most senior analysts
  • Email alerting customised to your interests daily or weekly - get Ukraine and Russia updates sent straight to your inbox

Our track record

We have almost fifty years of track record at delivering for our clients analysis of what major and minor global, regional and country-level events and trends mean for them.

Our clients include household names in every sector and most of the G20 governments and major international agencies.