Networked Government

This report explores the future of governance and the role of technology in enabling public service delivery anywhere, anytime, anyhow

Networked Government

Governments face the challenge of knowing what stakeholders want and how to offer it, while citizens find that their need for personalised, 24/7 services goes unmet.

Technology offers a solution: it allows governments to quickly, cheaply and actively involve citizens into the policy-design process, and it enables individuals to access services remotely and securely whenever they need.


Building on new research into the Internet of Things, big data and influential indexes, the report includes interviews with experts from government, academia and the tech sector, and features international case studies, ranging from Singapore to Finland.

The shifting approach to meeting citizens’ needs

This report:

  • highlights best practices from across the globe
  • emphasises the role of both the public and private sectors
  • assesses the risks and challenges of digitalising governance
  • makes innovative policy recommendations on operational reform as well as technological improvements
  • explores the future of Networked Government