About The Oxford Analytica Foundation


To serve the needs of philanthropic, mission-driven individuals and organisations seeking to address the world’s most pressing challenges.


To provide impartial review and analysis in support of projects seeking to deliver positive social, environmental, economic or political impact; we collaborate with global actors driving transformational change. 

The Oxford Analytica Foundation exists to expand upon the impartial, expert, geo-political advisory services of Oxford Analytica, to serve individuals and organisations in the third and emerging fourth sector, enhancing their effectiveness and positive impact. The Foundation offers interdisciplinary research and thought-leadership on current developments and emerging trends at the national and international levels. In so doing, it aspires to elevate the quality of decision-making and action on questions of social and economic significance.

The in-house team offers exceptional and diverse experience, skills, networks and expertise across the private, academic and non-profit sector, and a unique ability to convene and inform change-makers. We support the strategic planning and implementation of projects across a range of themes linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, including; rule of law, sustainable development, corporate responsibility and environmental conservation.

The Oxford Analytica Foundation subscribes to Oxford Analytica’s Founding Principles, relies on the same global network of scholar-experts to provide unbiased, apolitical, objective analysis, and shares Oxford Analytica’s commitment to the truth.

The Foundation would welcome a conversation to understand how it can support your mission.