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Stina Warnstam-Drolet
Stina Warnstam Drolet

Head of Sustainability & Manager, Advisory

Stina re-joined Oxford Analytica at the start of 2020 following three years at a London-based advisory firm. Before this, she spent over seven years with Oxford Analytica’s Advisory team, working primarily with clients in the energy sector.

Stina is passionate about sustainability issues and corporate social responsibility. Engagements at Oxford Analytica include: identifying macro trends for a global retail firm with a particular focus on sustainable development; providing an outlook for sustainable trade for a large European bank; assisting a leading energy company with its strategy and planning for external engagement related to shale gas; providing an energy trend monitoring service to a European utilities company; and advising a European government on how to realise the growth potential of a ‘green economy’.

She holds an MA in International Relations from King’s College London.