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Stina Warnstam-Drolet
Stina Warnstam Drolet

Deputy Director & Head of Sustainability

Stina has spent over ten years with Oxford Analytica’s Advisory team, with a focus on sustainability issues. In 2022, she was recognised as an ESG Champion by the Natural Resources Forum.

Stina leads Oxford Analytica’s ESG Monitor service as well as bespoke sustainability engagements, including: heading the company’s partnership with EY to produce two thought leadership reports on sustainability standards and sustainability information; supporting a mining company in identifying and tracking ESG-related trends that shape its global operations; working with a leading fashion firm on global drivers and trends reporting; providing an outlook for sustainable trade for a large European bank; and advising a European government on how to realise the growth potential of a ‘green economy’.

She holds an MA in International Relations from King’s College London.