Oxford Analytica launches next generation geopolitical risk management platform

The Navigator Platform delivers a unique combination of global expertise, quantitative assessment and technology

Oxford, England, March 5, 2019. Oxford Analytica, the leading geopolitical analysis and advisory firm, today announces the launch of Navigator – the next generation in geopolitical risk management. Navigator is a web-based platform that integrates the full range of Oxford Analytica’s analysis and advisory services into a single, seamless, customizable solution, enabling clients to manage what matters.

Powered by the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief® and the firm’s robust proprietary research methodologies, Navigator’s unique combination of global expertise, quantitative assessment and technology enables its users to identify, anticipate and take advantage of global trends and issues that matter. Harnessing the collective intellectual firepower of the firm’s in-house team and its 1,500-person global network, and the power of a proprietary suite of quantitative tools developed in partnership with Willis Towers Watson, Navigator is driven by data and guided by truly global, best-in-class expertise.

“We have always sought to enable our clients to embrace the challenge of change and to further the frontier of enterprise and progress,” said David K. Young, Oxford Analytica’s Chief Executive Officer. “Founded in 1975, we pioneered the business of geopolitical risk management. Now, with Navigator, we are once again at the forefront of innovation as we have created the most efficient way for our clients to understand their specific global risk exposure – ensuring they manage what matters and capitalize on what counts.”

Navigator ensures clients stay ahead of events in more than 160 countries and 14 industries, tracks themes that cut across geographies and markets, and measures the commercial impact geopolitics has on their organisations. The platform is fully customizable, allowing users to build dashboards and structure content around issues and areas of critical importance to them. Direct access to Oxford Analytica’s team of analysts and experts gives clients visibility beyond the headlines and provides the details that are most relevant to a client’s policies and strategies. The Navigator experience is delivered straight to users’ inboxes every day or online through computer or mobile in real-time.

Navigator is designed to filter signal from noise and deliver information to its users quickly and efficiently, translating geopolitical dynamics into actionable intelligence.

Paul Maidment, Oxford Analytica’s Director of Analysis, commented: “Navigator combines our traditional strengths in global, in-depth qualitative analysis with a unique quantitative model and unparalleled ease of use and accessibility. Navigator works for both those who need a quick overview and those who want to drill down into the detail.” Navigator is available immediately. Interested parties may request a demonstration and find out more at http://oxan.to/navigator.

About Oxford Analytica

Oxford Analytica is an independent, geopolitical analysis and advisory firm that draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategies, operations, policies and investments.

Its trusted insights and seasoned judgements on global issues enable its clients to navigate complex markets where the intersection of politics and economics, business and society is critical to success.

Founded in 1975 and pioneering the industry of geopolitical risk, Oxford Analytica now works with the world’s most influential businesses, governments and international organisations.

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To find out more: http://oxan.to/navigator
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