Environmental Policy

Oxford Analytica is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible. As a minimum, we will comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

The following policy reflects our primary areas of concern and demonstrates our commitment to environmentally responsible business activities.


Our objectives are to -

  1. Conduct our business in a responsible manner in order to comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  2. Seek to measure and continuously reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.
  3. Work to reduce the carbon footprint of our business, through more efficient use of energy in our operations, the specification of more efficient equipment and through the purchase of renewable energy where feasible.
  4. Aim to reduce waste within our business and to promote recycling and re-use wherever possible.
  5. Seek to achieve the most efficient use of resources, such as energy, paper and water.
  6. Ensure that environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services.
  7. Regularly review our business travel arrangements to look for opportunities to reduce transport emissions and to maximise the use of technologies, which reduce the need for travel.


To implement the policy we will -

  1. Ensure that senior managers within our business have clear accountability for environmental issues and that relevant employees are provided with the appropriate information, training and tools necessary to implement responsible environmental practice.
  2. Measure our environmental performance against key objectives and targets to work towards improved environmental performance.
  3. Ensure that environmental issues are considered in our business planning processes.
  4. As part of our Advisory Service offering to Clients we include analysis of sustainability issues.
  5. Report on our environmental performance to key stakeholders.

This policy will be reviewed by the Board on an annual basis. The Director of Operations is specifically tasked with keeping the Board advised on compliance with the policy and ensuring that suitable support is available to the business.

Last updated: April 2018